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Magnetic bracelets for men: men's jewellery is ‘in’

Jewellery has long since ceased to be the sole preserve of women – besides watches, it is particularly men's bracelets that have a modern and stylish effect and that are extremely popular as an accessory with fashionable men. You'll find many magnetic bracelets in our shop that can be worn on their own. But don't stop yourself from combining our men's bracelets with other bracelets from our webshop and so discovering your own individual style. Many of our magnetic bracelets are also unisex bracelets. To this end, we have included individual straps and decorative elements in our jewellery systems that are child's play to combine with each other and so highlight your diversity and individuality. Bracelets for men are usually produced in masculine colours; the materials used vary greatly and range from stainless steel, copper and silicone to leather, textile and wood. We have presented many different sizes in our catalogue along with bracelets with adjustable sizes.

ENERGETIX bracelets – more than just jewellery

ENERGETIX's items of jewellery for men and thus also men's bracelets are associated with one very special thing that make them stand out from conventional jewellery – they possess one or several magnets. Millions of people want to keep the power of magnets close to them and really appreciate ENERGETIX's magnetic jewellery. They're not only convinced by the high quality of the products but are also fascinated by the energy that is associated with magnets. Most of the magnets in the items of jewellery possess a magnetic power of 0.12 tesla / 1200 gauss. A few selected products, however, have magnets that are stronger than that – up to 0.2 tesla / 2000 gauss. These are usually to be found in the WELLNESS category. Our unisex sportEX magnetic bracelets, however, also possess magnets that are 0.2 tesla / 2000 gauss strong.

Test magnetic jewellery for him and experience fashion awareness and wellness at the same time!