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SOLID – magnetic watches for ladies and gentlemen

Sporty elegant men's watches and beautiful ladies' wristwatches are fine accessories that you should never be without at the office, at festive occasions and at smart parties. ENERGETIX has achieved the almost impossible with the creation of its Solid watches. The watches are large, eye-catching and of a high quality and may be worn by both men and women. ENERGETIX's exclusive unisex wristwatches in a chronograph look come with three functions. They present the date, weekday and time at a glance and speed up the time you need to look at your watch. You can discreetly get all the necessary information with a quick glance at your ladies' or gentlemen's watch. ENERGETIX watches are available with variously coloured dials. SOLID watches offer the choice between a white and a dark-grey face.

ENERGETIX magnetic watches – trendy jewellery for her

You don't only want to see the time with your women's wristwatch but also want to enhance your visual impact at the same time? Have you already had any experiences with magnetic jewellery? Why not try it out and test ENERGETIX's magnetic watch that you'll find in our catalogue and webshop? Two integrated magnets that are 0.12 tesla (1,200 gauss) strong and a shapely stainless-steel case transform the watch into an elegant and robust wellness accessory for the wearer. Combine this magnetic watch with matching ENERGETIX magnetic jewellery on the other arm.

A magnetic wristwatch – powerful jewellery for him

Magnetic jewellery for men – a unique wellness package. The fashionable design of the watch with its robust stainless-steel case will change your impact on your private and business surroundings and will make you appear more confident and masculine. You can enhance this effect even further with additional magnetic jewellery. Choose a matching ENERGETIX necklace or different magnetic bracelets for your other arm. Why not take a look at our on-line catalogue and choose one of our SOLID watches today!